Bee Tree Trail Is a Special Events Carriage Business 
Such as Cinderella Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceanera, Birthday Parties, Proms, Engagements, Graduations, Funerals, Hay Rides, Corporate Events, Country Carriage Rides, Christmas Events, Private Parties, Fund Raisers, Parades and more...

A Cinderella dream come true.
The Carriages at Bee Tree Trail are custom built by David Rohrbach and are of his own design which are not found any where else. 

We have Cinderella carriages and wagons for all types of events.

We are from Pa. but have traveled to many states :

New Jersey, New York, Conn., Mass., Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, West Virginia

Don't miss out having a carriage for your event booking many a year in advance.

Cinderella carriage ride rental Pa. NY. NJ. MD

Service info 

Carriages Available

Cinderella Carriage seats 4 adults

Royal Princess Carriage seats 4 adults

Old Time Wagon seats 20 adults

Wagonette seats 10 to 12 adults

Wagonette Mav IV seats 4 adults

Show wagon seats 8 adults

Surrey seats 16 adults

Sleigh on wheels seats 4 adults

Sleigh on wheels seats 8 adults

Hearse closed carriage

Snow roller

Logging cart

Logging arch

Show cart seats 1 with driver

**After choosing the Type Carriage for your event you can fill out form on contacts page or down below for quote.

Many  dates are booked a year in advance don't miss out out book early


Events will be posted when and where we are located for public events such as Christmas carriage rides in some cities.

Parades where we can be seen.

Fund Raiser.

The private events are not always posted up to date if you are looking to have a carriage ride event you need to contact Dave for more info.

Carriage events are normally for:


*Sweet Sixteen




*Hay Rides


*Country carriage rides

*Funeral Hearse

*Christmas Parties

*Corporate events

*Tree Lightings

*Santa on sleigh

 All Types of Celebrations


The horses used for all events are Grey Percheron Draft Horses that are mostly white.

You get 2 horses with each carriage ride unless specified in contract agreement. Driving horses in pairs or teams is safer since they are herd animals.

Some events require 4 and 6 horses depend on the event or request.

The Percheron horses are part of the draft horse family such as the Clydesdales, Belgians, and Shires. SO they are large in size.

Horses may not be ridden for any reason.

Horses are trained professionally for all types of events to keep all safe on our travels.

Bee Tree Trail is fully Insured with a Million Dollar Liability 

Carriage Service

    The Cinderella carriage design with 2 seats and a bench seat. seats either 4 adults, 5 teens, or 2 adults and 3 children. Carriage is pulled by 2 Grey Percherons mostly white in color. Driver wears black top hat and suit. The carriage is decorated with green vines, white flowers and can be lit up with white led lights. The horses wear black harness and mostly white plumes or feathers on their heads. Has been used in weddings, proms and birthdays. This carriage completely closes if weather condition are poor.

0 1cindrellacarriage_edited.jpg
newtripoli2011 (14).JPG

The Royal Princess Carriage below seats 4 adults, 5 teens, 4 adults and 1 child, the upper seat sits 2 adults and 1 child, the lower seat sits 2 adults or 2 children. The royal carriage is pulled by by 2 Grey Percherons mostly white in color. Driver wears black top hat and suit. The carriage has door on either side to enter. Horses do not wear plumes with this carriage unless requested. This carriage has a partial top to cover those in the upper seat.


The Wagonette below seats 10 adults, 12 teens, or a mix of adults and children using common sense. The wagon  is pulled by by 2 Grey Percherons mostly white in color. Driver wears black top hat and suit or a cowboy hat. The wagon has rear entry of 3 steps.  This wagon not suitable for poor weather conditions. Been used for Christmas events corporate or family parties. Been used for tours in many location and for weddings, proms, birthdays or family ride in the country. There may be changes to this wagon in 2019.


The Max BTT WAGONETTE seats 4 adults been used in weddings, proms, country rides, and used in training and fitting horses. Costume for driver from tux to cowboy outfit.

max iv 1.jpg

The SLEIGH RIDES ON OR OFF WHEELS used to bring in Santa at Tree Lightnings, Malls, Private parties, Parades and more. The sleigh does light up in the evening. Comes with some decoration but you may add if you want even banners.

This sleigh ride seats 4 adults. It is rare that we do sleigh rides in the snow the weather don't seem to want to cooperate but have in the past. You need to send e-mail in December to be put on a list. When snow is good we will call you for an appointment. Please do not call us if we are doing rides that day we most likely can't answers phone.


The OLD TIME WAGON seats 20 adults or a mix of children and adults using common sense. This wagon used for rides at tree lightnings at Christmas time or wagon rides in the country even large wedding parties. We travel to many locations put hills can be an issue so your event would need a bit more attention to put together.

Horse Drawn Hearse

   This white horse drawn hearse is available to transport caskets for many miles from funeral homes to cemetery or any location or just a short ride through a town or cemetery. It is a great way to honor a loved one.

It is some times called a funeral carriage which it the same as a funeral hearse which is motorized.  The white horse drawn hearse is used by all young, old, male or female.

The word "hearse" comes from the Middle English "herse," which referred to a type of candelabra often placed on top of a coffin. Sometime in the 17th century, people starting using the word to refer to the horse-drawn carriages that conveyed the casket to the place of burial during a funeral procession.


Contact Dave for info:

Phone : 484-645-3411

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Shartlesville, Pa. 19554


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